Unexpected disrepair protocol (first part)

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12 years ago
Hello every one, just new in this forum and hope to get some help or advise before replying to my tenant solicitor.
I have a tenant living in one of my property since 2006 and the rent has always been paid on time.
A week after she moved in she called to let me know that it might be an electrical problem in the house because the ground floor ring CB was tripping all the time, I told her will come to see her next day to investigate. Up on my arrival she told me that the electric supply damaged her hair curler, I told her that it is the other way around, fault electrical accessories cause RCB to trip.
Never the less to please her as a curtsey I told her I will pay for a new curler. As soon I arrived home I checked the curler and found out the main lead was short circuited, I phoned her to tell my findings and she apologise and that was it for the electric.
Few weeks later she called me with regards of the boiler locking up, I called an engineer, the repair cost was not worth repairing, and therefore a new boiler was installed.
Since then a year later it was to replace the WC flashing valve, then last November again for the WC valve again, also readjust hinges on two doors, and my last visit was about three month ago to replace that bath light switch and at the same time I had to refill the central heating system because she tampered with one of the radiator valve.
The last maintenance to the property was attended by on of my maintenance man with regard to a bird nest near the window bedroom giving her sleeping problem but she thought the nest was inside the loft but was behind the gutter therefore my man couldn’t do anything. On that day she described me to my worker as a good Landlord.
Couple weeks ago I was on the M1 going to Manchester, she called me to tell that her son is locked in and cannot open the front door, I told her that I cannot attend and I knew my maintenance man was away so I told her to call a locksmith and if it’s down to me to pay then send me the bill or deduct the costs from her next rent. Since then I have not heard from her, I checked her rent payment on my bank account and she paid full rent.

Now last week I received a letter from her solicitor serving a Housing Disrepair Protocol stating client complaint defect of the property.

1. Damp and mould growth throughout the property
2. Defective electric
3. Defective roof (Starling have gained access to the roof space which could indicate that there is a hole allowing access. In addition, pieces of concrete have fallen of the roof onto her car causing damages.

In addition the boiler does not appear to have been properly installed. (It was installed by a CORGI registered)
Our client has notified you of the defect on numerous occasions by Telephone since she moved in to the property (not for the 3 points above).

Also the property has a detached garage about 20 feet away from the property but this has nether been included in the tenancy agreement, I was using this as furniture storage having a completely separate entry away from the house and as a curtsey at that time I have allowed her to store her bike,
And now she is claiming that since she moved to the property I have gained access of the garage without giving her any reasonable notice.

Comments and advices will be appreciated,


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