Neighbours from Hell

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12 years ago
Hi All
I had a great tenant for a year then all of a sudden she just disappeared and left the keys with her daughter to give me,the reason probably why,new neighbours have moved in next door.
The first day i went there i was rumaging around in my van to look for keys when i heard an allmighty bang,the neighbours from hell had chucked a stone off my back window from then on it just gets worse everyday,they have smashed the man over the rds window,damaged my other neighbours wall,smashed his bathroom window pinched his wheeels off his 2 wheelie bins,they keep coming in the back yard of my property and climbing over the wall and have split my wheelie bin,we had some furniture in yard and stacked it all neatly as i had someone coming to view but when i went back it had been chucked all over,the language is really bad and they are screaming and shouting all the time i think the youngest is about 9 and his language is terrible,they have 2 really viscious dogs in there yard and when i went the other day the dog was on the trampoline one bounce and it probs would of been over the wall i was terrified and ran in the hse,also everyone in the street is fed up,i have another tenant in the same street and she told me the youngest was walking in the street with a knife in his pocket,they are playing football in the street and it keeps bouncing off peoples cars,we also know theres something not right as there father is not allowed to stay over night,also the mother looks like she just got out of strangeways,i have a lovely girl wanting to move in but i really dont think this can happen as they will ruin everything,also i went today to find there has been eggs chucked at the front window.
i have reported this to the council as this is making me ill,does anyone now if we can have them removed

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