Attachment of Earnings or a Charging Order

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10 years ago
Could you give me advice on the following two options please.

I have recently obtained judgement against a defendant and have yet to receive a payment. Now, I have got to decide what method of enforcement is the best suited for me.

Attachment of Earnings - is there any way of gaining the following information without going through the courts(EX324-Order to obtain information from a judgement debtor).
How can I find out whether or not the defendant is currently employed and who by?.
How much will it cost to gain this information(could it be sourced from Equifax?).

Charging Order - I have reason to believe that the defendant(ex-tenant who left with arrears) may now own their own property and I would like to find out if this is accurate. Other than paying the Land Registery is there an alternative of finding out this information.

Any advice on the two subjects will be greatly appreciated.

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