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Hi All

I have let properties since 2004 and have now decided to sell one and move back to the other.

Why? I am just so fed up with renting and all the hassle! Along the way I have had some really nice tenants but its the arkward ones that stick in the memory;

Had to evict a tenant for rent arrears. Took 2 months to get a possession order then further 2 months to get an eviction order as she sat tight. She treatened me with all sorts of stuff e.g that I had harassed her and even sexually harassed her - all complete lies of course.Cost over £500 in court fees, bailiff, locksmith etc. Then she stole some of my furniture - cops could do nothing as she refused to provide forwarding address to bailiff plus usual evidential problems - you would have thought this ( a forwarding address) would be compulsory if you were being evicted!

As part of the possession action I got a money judgement order for the arrears of over £3000. I am a lawyer so I know full well this would be impossible to enforce - where is the bloody Government on that one then? Send in the bailiffs? Where - she refused to provide a forwarding address. Impound her goods - yeah right, probably worth £200 at most for sellable items.

Have had tenants ask me to pay for and change a battery in the smoke alarm! I mean, for God's sake!Ok, its my responsibility but really - it's £1.99 from Sainsburys.

Also the tenants who ask for furniture to be removed (e.g a sofa) then only for the next tenant to ask for one.

Also the tenants (mostly sharers) who think their only responsibility is to pay the rent and have no concept of returning the property to the state it was in when they took it on.

Also the letting agents who just seem to think that I should be lucky to get tenants via them to avoid a void period. We had a nightmare with previous sharers in one property which we let ourselves, in terms of their demands and their lack of regard for the property generally. They claimed that a window had just "cracked". The glazier who repaired it said it looked like a football had hit it (it faced the back garden). Thet denied it. What was I meant to do, in the absence of any proof? Pay £120 for a new windoew of course!

Put it this way - they had never cleaned the toilets ONCE so I had to scrub the enamel off one of them to remove the stains. So when they left we went to an agent - who fixed us up with 3 students. Yes they do the credit checks etc and the guarantors etc and make it all sound so reassuring. We even gave them (both the agents and the new tenants) a (gentle) prep talk on our problems with the last sharers and how we really, really wanted to avoid that again.

Then they exercised the break clause early and we wanted to sell. Only when we inspected with an Estate Agent to value the property there were mattresses on the floor, the place was not clean etc etc. So we told the estate agent not to bother with the valuation until we had sorted this out.

We went back to the letting agents who inspected and said "Oh, its not that bad, they are students you know!" Yeah, thanks. They had broken a bed and never reported a leak in the toilet which has now caused a damp problem. Their stupidity was astounding for three people who had recently graduated. On check out they left items in the property, including a door that they had found somewhere and used as a table in the garden. They had put the door outside on the pavement. When I said "Who do you expect will remove this and the other stuff?" they just scratched their well educated heads. Also they had finally got around to doing some gardening (the garden was lovely) - by using a hedge trimmer to cut the grass.

So we went back to the letting agents for new tenants and cracked when he said "We have found you 4 actors (its a 3 bed property) but they want a deal on the rent. When I said the idea of renting to 4 actors would be my worst nightmare ( I used to be in the creative profession so I have actually met some, unlike the letting agent) the agent actually took offence!

So I am out of here. In my experience the quality of tenants has declined noticeably since around 2010. I think they have picked up on a general anti -landlord vibe, due for lots of reasons but you would think the rise in demand for private rental property due to the Government's total lack of a responsible housing policy would encourage more responsible behaviour - but to me, it has had the opposite effect.

We as landlords are being bullied to do this, do that etc - but where is the Government advice to make tenants aware of their responsibilities? Where is the educating workshops for them? Where is the advice that they are entering into a LEGAL contract and it may be a good idea to bloody read it?

Sorry, just so fed up with it all. Don't get me wrong, I am a lawyer so I know about the bad landlords out there, that leave families with no hot water/ heating for months, don't do repairs then use so called retalitory evictions. Or the downright unsafe properties and those converted into 5 separate rooms with no proper tenancy agreements and then "enforcers" to theaten and collect the rent.

But what about us good guys who try to do it by the book and get it thrown back in our faces?

Good luck!

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