NRLA & London Borough of Tower Hamlets Landlords Forum

This webinar is hosted by NRLA Representative, Richard Blanco, who provide a regulatory briefing and some predictions for 2021. There are also four briefings from colleagues at London Borough of Tower Hamlets to include:

- an update on the renewal of the selective licensing scheme with Julie Liu & Morteza Salarkia from Environmental Health

- the package for landlords wishing to let their property via the council which can include a cash incentive with Abul Kalam, Head of Procurement

- how the council can support landlords and tenants to sustain their tenancies during this difficult time with Sandra Awotesu, Head of the PRS team and Money Advisor, Abdirahman Ali

- an update on planning permission for HMO conversions under the Article 4 Direction with Head of Planning & Building Control, Paul Buckenham

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