NRLA, mydeposits & No Letting Go Webinar | How to use photographs and videos in disputes

Preparing a quality, factual and detailed inventory is the first step to making sure any tenancy starts with firm foundations. Suzy Hershman, Head of Dispute Resolution at mydeposits, and Lisa Williamson, Head of Compliance at No Letting Go, explain how photographs and videos can be used in your inventories as evidence to support any discussion on a property’s condition at any point during a tenancy. They will cover everything you need to know, from best practice to making sure you avoid the pitfalls, helping to safeguard your position as well as your tenant’s. Landlords watching this webinar will learn lots of handy tips including:

• Advice on formatting and scaling photographs

• How to make sure your evidence is relevant

• The importance of quality

• What practices to avoid

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