NRLA Webinar | Rent Arrears

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, landlords and tenants across the country have been faced with uncertainty when it comes to paying and receiving their rent. The impact of the pandemic has caused many issues effecting changes to their employment situation or personal problems to new and delayed housing benefit claims. Once a tenant falls into arrears it can immediately impact your business. You could have mortgage payments to make, insurance premiums to pay and maintenance costs to cover all of which are heavily reliant on the income from rent.

Presented by experienced PRS Trainer, Alex Nolan. This webinar aims to discuss and highlight the issues facing landlords and to provide useful and practical advice. It will help you to identify the signs that your tenant may not be able to pay their rent and provide you with advice on settling arrears disputes outside court. We will also discuss the legal proceedings and options available for enforcement during the current crisis.

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