Virtual Workshops

How it works

This series of short virtual workshops are brought to you live by our expert trainers. You will be able to ask the trainer questions throughout the course, share best practice and network with other landlords in attendance. Refer back to the slides and a copy of the recording, including transcript, which you will received after the course.


There are many obligations placed on landlords in terms of repairs, maintenance and health and safety. These obligations come from a myriad of different pieces of legislation which at the best of times, can be tricky to navigate. In the current pandemic, the practicalities of managing repairs and inspections whilst respecting social distancing can be challenging. In this course, we review the obligations placed on landlords in terms of property standards. We consider some of the challenges that landlords and agents are facing during this time and provide some industry guidance on how to overcome them.

Thursday 24th September 2020
13:00 - 15:00