Our successes

What does success look like?

What does NRLA success look like? In an ideal world it looks like a market that allows good landlords to thrive and be recognised for their contribution to the provision of good quality homes and economic prosperity.  

Of course the real world rarely resembles our idealised notion of success but that doesn’t mean that our work is without merit or that we cannot point to wins that translate into genuine benefits for NRLA members.  

Everything that the NRLA does is guided by our vision: 

     “….a rental sector that works for all” 

And must contribute towards our mission:  

     “….to support  landlords by positioning ourselves as the home for responsible landlords” 

To that end we are the home for responsible landlords because we advocate with authority, promoting our members and the contribution they make to society.  

We consider our work a success when: 

  • We make life easier for NRLA members to do what they do best 

  • We shape the rules and framework by which NRLA members live and work 

  • We challenge invasive, or ineffective, policies which would harm our members interests 

  • We highlight best practice and the positive role played by private landlords; and  

  • When we support landlords to sustain, grow, and develop their businesses responsibly

Recent successes

The NRLA was established in April 2020, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. During our first year, we worked hard to support our members to navigate the changes this led to for the private rented sector as well as advocating for support for landlords during a time of financial uncertainty for many.

The pandemic put on hold a number of major reforms due for the private rented sector. As the public health measures have been lifted, we have come out with strong proposals for the sector and have continued to campaign effectively for a rental sector that works for all.

Our key successes have included:

Coronavirus campaign

  • Lifting of restrictions on possession in England from April to September 2021 – we proposed a phased approach to pre-Covid levels to Government, which was reflected in their regulations, and saw all restrictions lifted in England from October 2021.
  • Rent debt crisis – following our extensive coalition-building campaign on the impact of rent debt for landlords and tenants, the UK Government introduced a £65m fund to support renters in England who had built arrears due to the impact of the pandemic; the Welsh Government introduced Tenancy Saver Loans (and subsequently Grants) as we called for
  • The UK Government also made changes to Universal Credit following our involvement in a broad coalition against the ending of the £20 a week uplift, with changes to the taper rate and work allowance providing extra support for 2.2 million families who would gain on average £1,000 per year. We also successfully campaigned with others for a restoration of Local Housing Allowance rates to the 30th percentile of market rents at the beginning of the pandemic.

Building safety

  • Cladding remediation for medium-rise buildings – successfully campaigned for the inclusion of private landlords in provisions to ensure developers pay for cladding remediation for homeowners in buildings 11-18 metres high. The Government had not originally planned for landlords to be eligible. The Building Safety Act now allows owners with a total of up to three properties to be eligible for funding, as well as all those whose principal residence is affected.

Energy efficiency

Rental reform


Latest news

Cladding: Building Safety Bill becomes law, NRLA secures funding for many landlords

Following a robust campaign by the NRLA, the UK Government reversed its original suggestion to completely exclude leaseholder landlords from plans for developers to cover the cost of cladding remediation in medium-rise blocks.

Campaigns Meera Chindooroy 28/04/2022
Cladding: Building Safety Bill becomes law, NRLA secures funding for many landlords

Homes for Ukraine scheme: what's the latest?

The Homes for Ukraine sponsorship scheme saw a huge amount of interest from households looking to host those fleeing the conflict, when it launched in March. As the scheme remains in its early stages, there are still a number of questions to be fully answered about the implications for landlords.

Campaigns Meera Chindooroy 19/04/2022
Homes for Ukraine scheme: what's the latest?

Blog: Engaging with Chorley landlords on adaptations in the private rented sector

We recently spoke with Chorley landlords about adaptations for older and disabled tenants. Tim Thomas gives explains more about what he learnt and the future of the NRLAâs campaign to improve access to the private rented sector.

Campaigns Tim Thomas 14/03/2022
Blog: Engaging with Chorley landlords on adaptations in the private rented sector

Renters Reform Bill Spotlight: Lifetime Deposits

What are lifetime deposits? How will the scheme work and how would they benefit me? These are just some of the questions coming in from members, following the publication of our Renters' Reform Bill proposals. Here campaigns officer Alexandra Williams takes a deep dive into the issues surrounding lifetime deposits.

Campaigns Alexandra Williams 22/02/2021
Renters Reform Bill Spotlight: Lifetime Deposits

Landlords-make sure your tenants know about the EU settlement scheme

Campaigns Victoria Barker 18/02/2020
Landlords-make sure your tenants know about the EU settlement scheme