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Introducing Smart Portfolio Protection

Title Guardian’s Smart Portfolio Protection safeguards you against unauthorised tenant activities including your properties being used as business addresses, subletting and other property-related frauds.

The industry-first technology proactively monitors a wide range of digital sources, where fraudulent activities begin, and alerts landlords instantly if suspicious activity is detected.

The partnership with the NRLA provides discounted protection for members: your first property registered is free, the second and third properties have a 40% discount, equating to a saving of £89.99 if you register three properties with us. You can register as many properties as you require.

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The property fraud threat to landlords

Most landlords are not protected against fraudulent tenant activity. Here's what you need to know: 

The property fraud threat

Your portfolio needs protection from unauthorised tenant use, including sub-letting and properties being used as business addresses. Landlords also face the threat of title fraud, a digital crime that can result in property being stolen. 

How title fraud happens

Property ownership details, including name, address and mortgage status, are easily accessible via HM Land Registry. A fraudster can easily access these to target and sell your property by cloning identity documents. 

The impact on landlords

Fraudulent activities on your unprotected portfolio can lead to loss of income, invalidated insurance policies, complications with mortgage lenders, protracted legal disputes and even the prospect of losing property to title fraud. 

Get Smart Portfolio Protection

Title Guardian monitors thousands of digital sources such as sales and letting portals and government databases, including HM Land Registry and Companies House. We instantly notify you of any suspicious activity relating to your property details. 

Simple safeguarding

With an easy sign-up and subscription-based service, managed online or through our app, protecting your portfolio is simple. Alerts of suspicious activity come straight to you via text, email and app notification. 

A proactive approach

Unlike HM Land Registry's reactive email alert service, Title Guardian's always-on monitoring is designed to stop fraudulent attempts at their source. Plus, our PropTech experts are evolving the solution to help landlords stay ahead of new threats. 

Watch our videos

Introducing Smart Protection

This 90 second explainer quickly shows you how Title Guardian works to protect your property.

Title Guardian for Landlords

Here we detail the various fraud risks landlords can face and the steps to take to get protected.

Proactive Protection Explained

We review a real-world title fraud case to highlight why proactive portfolio protection is vital.


Smart Portfolio Protection

Utilise our smart technology to monitor activity on your portfolio and receive instant alerts to protect against property frauds. 


Our straight-forward solution lets you switch on portfolio protection in minutes


Our industry-first technology provides proactive property fraud protection for landlords


Our always-on monitoring and instant notifications provide 24/7 safeguarding


Our team of technology and property experts keep you ahead of new threats

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