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The NRLA has teamed up with 3mc (UK) Limited offering value for money when it comes to all of your mortgage requirements. Our mortgage service offers a wide range of mortgages including exclusive mortgage deals not available direct from the lender. In addition, you can now source your own deals and get a wider choice via the new sourcing facility below.

Our mortgage advisers have access to a vast portfolio of lenders with products for BTL mortgages, Residential mortgages, HMO's, Multi units on one title, Limited company, semi commercial and commercial properties.

Member benefits:

  1. Just £295 Broker Fee on our Mortgages
    Any mortgage product purchased via the NRLA comes with a discounted broker fee of £295 for NRLA members and £495 for non-members. If you can find a mortgage deal that offers better, please let us know and we'll try our utmost to beat it.
  2. Independent advice
    We offer our independent mortgage advice and look at each enquiry on its merits, therefore offering the most appropriate mortgage advice for your needs.
  3. Exclusive market rates
    We are able to offer access to products not available direct from the lender.
  4. Get the support you need
    We shall help you on every step of the way, from an Agreement in Principle to completion in getting you the right mortgage.
  5. Buy to Let Mortgages for unusual property types and tenants
    We are able to provide funding for tenants and property types such as: Blocks of flats, Housing Benefit, Students, Company lets, multi lets, Housing Association, HMO and Bedsits.
  6. Exclusive market terms
    Get funding up to 80% loan to property value on mortgages with low rent to interest cover making borrowing easier for you.
  7. Portfolio appraisals
    We are able to provide landlords with property portfolios a free finance appraisal, using the resources available to you efficiently and productively.

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All the products on our site are streamed live to you via the sourcing facility including intermediary only products and exclusives.


Mortgage products

NRLA Mortgages in partnership with 3mc (UK) Limited is happy to provide you with further information on products to assist with any of the scenarios below. For information on products not available direct from the lender please make an enquiry and one of the NRLA Mortgage specialists will be in contact.


Are you looking to:

  • Purchase a HMO property
  • Remortgage an existing HMO property
  • Convert a property into a HMO
  • Borrow up to 75% of the value of the property

Lenders in this market could limit the number of bedrooms, number of kitchens and in some circumstances the number of floors. Most lenders have a minimum valuation figure and some lenders do not accept DWP tenants. A number of lenders have entered into the HMO market. Each lender tends to have a different approach in respect what is and what is not an acceptable HMO client and property.

Semi and Commercial Investments

Are you looking to:

  • Purchase a semi commercial or commercial investment property
  • Remortgage an existing semi commercial or commercial investment property
  • Access lenders who consider local covenants
  • Access lenders who consider interest only for the term

A number of challenger banks have entered into the commercial funding market with several of the lenders accepting interest only as a repayment vehicle. The strength of the tenancy covenant in place is key to most lenders however there are a number of the challenger banks that accept local covenants and a limited term remaining.

Multi units on one title

Are you looking to:

  • Purchase a multi-unit property on one title
  • Remortgage a multi-unit property on one title
  • Convert a property into a multi-unit property on one title
  • Borrow up to 75% LTV of the value of the property on an interest only basis

A number of lenders have entered into the multi-unit on one title market. Each lender has a different approach from the number of self-contained units accepted within one title to how the unit is valued for lending purchases. Some lenders base on the investment value, some lenders base on the aggregate value.

Limited Companies

    Are you looking to:

  • Use a trading limited company or SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) limited company to purchase/remortgage a property
  • Purchase or remortgage a portfolio of properties within a limited company
  • Refinance a completed development within a limited company
  • Borrow up to 75% of the value of the property

A number of lenders have entered into the limited company market. All lenders accept an SPV (special purpose vehicle) limited company set up for the sole purchase of property related transactions. Some lenders accept trading limited companies that perform other functions as well and property related. Most lenders require a PG (personal guarantee) to accompany the transaction.

Short term lending

Are you looking to:

  • Remortgage a short term lending deal prior to 6 months ownership
  • Purchase a property with short term lending
  • Purchase a property in need of refurbishment
  • Purchase a property in under 4 weeks from application to completion

A number of lenders have entered into the bridging market. The products tend to be used for speedy transactions and for security that requires an element of work before the unit is income generating.

Lenders in this market will also consider lending against the current open market value even if the purchase price is lower.

Buy To Let

Are you looking to:

  • Remortgage an existing BTL property to obtain a lower rate of interest
  • Remortgage an existing BTL property to raise additional funds
  • Purchase a BTL property as your first investment
  • Purchase a BTL property to add to your current portfolio

There are currently in the region of 40 to 50 Buy to Let lenders in the UK with new lenders entering the market on an on-going basis. Products are competitive up to 75% loan to value with the most attractive products being available up to 60% loan to value for both remortgages and purchases.

NRLA Mortgages Resources

Applying for a buy to let mortgage or remortgaging your rental property is a big decision and so you should make sure that you've got all the information you need before you take action.

Whether you're looking to buy your first buy to let property or remortgage, our documents will help us to better understand your own requirements and source the best deal for you.

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Please note lenders have different minimum criteria requirements and not all landlords and property types will qualify for this specific product. For further information contact NRLA Mortgages.

This is an advertisement only and in no way should be viewed as a personal recommendation or advice. Before a recommendation of the suitability of the product can be given, we will direct you to 3mc (UK) Limited who can provide independent mortgage advice. As part of this they will ask questions so that they can fully understand your circumstances before giving advice.

NRLA Mortgages is a trading name of LPTE Limited which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of 3mc (UK) Limited who is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the FS Register under reference 302992.

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