Frequently Asked Questions

What hours is the Landlord Support Line Open?

Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm and then on Saturday 9.00am to 1.00pm

When the line is closed, you can access our Automated Assistant by click the ‘speech bubble’ in the lower right of the web page when you have logged in. 

Alternatively you can contact us by other means and a response will come the following working day. Click here for contact information.

What can we help you with?

The landlord support line covers a wide variety of topics to assist landlords and agents of all levels of experience.  Below is a list of the types of areas we cover:

  • Preparing your Property ​
  • Using an Agent/Agent Troubleshooting ​
  • Energy Efficiency ​
  • Advertising and Viewings ​
  • Universal Credit and Housing Benefit ​
  • Compliance Certificates ​
  • Landlord Legal Obligations ​
  • Landlord Safety Obligations ​
  • Types of Tenancy or Agreement ​
  • Referencing and Checking ​
  • Deposit Protection ​
  • Creating your Tenancy​
  • Property Handover ​
  • Landlord and Tenant Repairing Obligations ​
  • Arrears Management ​
  • Managing your Tenancy ​
  • End of Tenancy/Ending the Tenancy ​
  • Possession Process ​
  • Bailiffs and Enforcing Judgement ​
  • HMO, Selective Licensing, Council Tax and Local Authorities ​
  • NRLA Recommended Suppliers​ and Partners
  • Renting Homes Wales​

If you need help with something not on the list above, get in touch anyway and even if we cannot offer direct support we will no doubt be able to provide some help on where to go for the right support.

What can we not advise on?

At present we cannot advise on the following:

Tax – Advice on taxation should be provided by a qualified finance professional, our team are not positioned to be able to provide this advice. You can find information on NRLA partners who can help here

Leasehold – Our team will give basic guidance on Leasehold affairs; this is a highly specialised area which requires specific advice. We would encourage you to engage with the Leasehold advisory service here

Legal matters – Our team can give you guidance and advice on a wide range of issues; however when issues require legal proceedings; it is likely that you will need to speak to a solicitor; in this instance our team will direct you to one of our trusted partners; who can also be found here

I would like to rent out my property, where do I begin? 

We have created a helpful checklist, to assist you with starting a tenancy – you can find this checklist here.

For all other information on creating a tenancy such as our up-to-date AST agreements, please see our AST pages here.

Where can I find resources on ending a tenancy? 

Please click here to take you to our pages on Ending a Tenancy. These pages will cover a variety of different options such as S21, S8 and Surrender/Abandonment. 

Where can I access the appropriate documents for serving notice on my tenant?

Access Gov.Uk where the documents are held. The relevant forms you might need from this page are:

Form 6a – Section 21 Notice
Form 3 – Section 8 Notice
Form 4 – S13 Rent Increase Notice 

All other forms on that page are not relevant to most landlords in the PRS.

If you need help completing these documents, please review our resources on Ending a Tenancy above. 

Where can I find information on the Renters Reform Bill?

You can access our up to date Renters Reform Hub. Alternatively, if you are interested in the current progress of the bill through parliament, you can see the status of the bill here.  

I want to increase my rent that the tenant pays, how can I do this? 

There are a variety of ways you can look to increase rent such as a S13 Notice, Issuing a new Tenancy or agreeing an informal increase. The details on each of these options is found on our resources here

I have a property in Wales – do you have information specifically about Occupation Contracts and the new system in Wales?

Yes, we have a very detailed Wales Hub with all information on Occupation Contracts, Conversion and all other changes brought in by the Renting Homes Wales Act.

What if we cannot provide support on the topic you have contacted us about?

We will always provide a helpful service and whilst in some cases we will not be able to provide detailed advice we will be able to direct you, where possible, to external providers or NRLA service partners who may be able to assist with the query. Get in touch and see how we can help you. 

What is the member forum? 

The member’s forum is a great place to get advice from the community of landlords, agents, and other property professionals. The NRLA will regularly moderate the content but generally it is member led. If you have a specific question for Landlord Support, then get in touch with us more directly via our Contact Us page. 

Do we give legal advice?

Landlord Support can provide you with support and guidance and our interpretation of legislation relevant to our core advice, see the list above. However, we are not solicitors and therefore cannot complete legal documents for you or act on your behalf.  We do though, have some great legal firms who work with the NRLA who can support you through most if not all legal issues – some of those partners will offer member discounts. Check out our solicitor partners here.  

Are all of your guides and documents that you provide, checked by a solicitor?

We have an in-house Policy Team who regularly review and benchmark our documents when legislation is drafted, amended or reviewed in any way.  Our Head of Policy and most of his team all have a degree in Law.  

Our AST’s and other contracts including Occupation Contracts for Wales are approved by our solicitors, separately. 

Do you have any opportunities to work for the NRLA? 

Great, you want to work for us? Take a look at our careers page and if any vacancies take your fancy, then get in touch from there. 

How can I stay up to date on what’s going on in the PRS?