Increasing rent during a tenancy agreement

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As most tenancies last four years on average, it is likely that at some point market rents will increase in your area and you may want to increase the rent of your existing tenancies to reflect this. 

If you do decide to increase the rent, there are a number of ways in which you can go about it. This page is designed to provide you with all the options available to you if you do wish to increase the rent on a tenancy agreement.

As tenancies no longer exist in Wales, this content is applicable to England only. If you wish to increase the rent in Wales, then please refer to the rent increase clause in your periodic occupation contract.

What should I consider before increasing the rent?

There are a number of things worth considering prior to increasing the rent in a property -

  • how should you approach a rent increase?
  • how much can you increase the rent by?
  • How often can or should you increase the rent?

How will the tenant react to a rent increase?

The remainder of this page is exclusively available to members of the NRLA. It contains guidance and resources on the different methods of increasing the rent, what you should consider when you are increasing it, and how often you can increase the rent.

Members only

The rest of this guide and the resources within are available exclusively to members. This includes guidance on topics like -

  • contractual rent increases
  • section 13 notices
  • rent increases by agreement
  • how much to increase rent by
  • how often to increase the rent
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