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England - Welfare Reform
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Wales - Campaigns
Wales - Justice
Wales - Key Issues
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Wales - Tax & Finance
Wales - Welfare
Wales -Improving access to the PRS


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Canterbury Student Landlords 'Virtual' Information Meeting
Covid-19 Update For Landlords 27.03.20 Webinar
Energy Efficiency for Landlords - 03 June 2020
Landlord Lens: Possession | Property Tribes and NRLA webinar 7 August 2020
London 'surgery style' NRLA Regional Webinar...your questions answered 17 July 2020
Midlands Regional Webinar - national and local news update
North East Regional webinar: Landlord Update and Q&A
North West Regional Webinar - News Update
NRLA / Landlord Action Webinar | Possession: Ask the experts - 1 July 2020
NRLA and Barking & Dagenham Landlords Forum
NRLA and Southend Borough Council Local Webinar 13 July 2020
NRLA COVID-19 Series - Financial Support - 15 April 2020
NRLA COVID-19 Series - Mitigation Losses - 08 April 2020
NRLA COVID-19 series: Electrical Safety - 06 May 2020
NRLA COVID-19 series: HMO management - 22 April 2020
NRLA COVID-19 Series: Mortgages - 13 May 2020
NRLA COVID-19 Series: NRLA Lobbying Update - 05 May 2020
NRLA COVID-19 Series: Possession - 29 April 2020
NRLA COVID-19: Managing Rent Arrears - 20 May 2020
NRLA Eastern Regional Members Webinar - 14 April 2020
NRLA Eastern Regional Webinar - 18 June 2020
NRLA Eastern Regional Webinar 27 July 2020
NRLA London Regional Members Webinar - 07 April 2020
NRLA London Regional Webinar - 02 June 2020
NRLA Midlands Regional Members Webinar - 16 April 2020
NRLA Midlands Regional Webinar - 16 June 2020
NRLA Midlands Regional Webinar: Electrical Safety and PRS News Update 14 July 2020
NRLA North East Regional Members Webinar - 30 April 2020
NRLA North East Regional Webinar - 16 June 2020
NRLA North West Regional Members Webinar - 28 April 2020
NRLA North West Regional Webinar - 02 June 2020
NRLA PRS News and Tax Update - North West Regional Webinar 16 July 2020
NRLA South East Regional Webinar - 11 June 2020
NRLA South Eastern Regional Members Webinar - 07 May 2020
NRLA South West Regional Webinar - 23 June 2020
NRLA South West Regional Webinar - Landlord News and Possession Update
NRLA South West Regional Webinar: PRS News Update and Q&A 16 July 2020
NRLA South Western Regional Members Webinar - 21 April 2020
NRLA Wales Coronavirus Webinar - 23 April 2020
NRLA Wales Regional Webinar - 25 June 2020
NRLA Wales: Jarvis v Evans - what it means for possession, plus landlord update 14 July 2020
NRLA Webinar - Funding for renters, justice for landlords
NRLA Webinar | Inventories and their importance in evidencing Fitness for Human Habitation Act 2018 compliance
NRLA webinar | Property Auctions - "Tricks of the Trade" 8 July 2020
NRLA Webinar | Property Licensing England- Updates and how to engage with the consultation process 02.09.20
NRLA Webinar | Reopening of the courts - ask the expert with David Smith
NRLA Webinar | Reopening of the courts and possession - ask the expert with David Smith 18th August 2020
NRLA webinar | State of the sector - our latest research findings 30 July 2020
NRLA Webinar | The Buy to Let Mortgage Market during COVID –19 and beyond
NRLA webinar | Universal Credit and welfare, plus the Chancellor’s Summer Statement 22 July 2020
NRLA webinar | What should my Rent Guarantee insurance cover? 15 July 2020
NRLA webinar: Extension of ban on evictions - 17 June 2020
NRLA Webinar: GDPR For Landlords - 10 June 2020
NRLA Webinar: Student Tenancies & Covid-19
NRLA Webinar: The Trecarrell Webinar - 20 June 2020
NRLA Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Members Webinar - 21 April 2020
NRLA Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Webinar - 04 June 2020
PRS News Update and Electrical Safety Tips: NRLA South East Regional Webinar 9 July 2020
South East NRLA Regional Webinar - news and tax update
NRLA Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Webinar: PRS News Update 7 July 2020
Articles by Aidan Crehan
Articles by Ben Beadle
Articles by Bill Irvine
Articles by Calum Davies
Articles by Caroline Elgar
Articles by Chris Norris
Articles by Chris O’Leary
Articles by Christine Whitehead
Articles by David Smith
Articles by James Wood
Articles by Kate Faulkner
Articles by Nick Clay
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Articles by the Advice Team
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Articles by Victoria Barker
Doug Hall articles
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Tim Thomas articles


Observatory - Growth & the PRS Research
Observatory - Housing Standards Research
Observatory - Lending & Housebuilding Research
Observatory - Possession Claims Research
Observatory - PRS Rent Levels Research
Observatory - Regional PRS Data Research
Observatory PRS Households Research
Research - Deep Insight
Research - Landlord Confidence Index
Research - Landlord Confidence Index Archive
Research - Quarterly Reports
Research - Special Reports
Creating Your Tenancy | Landlord Resources
Creating Your Tenancy | Landlord Resources
Documents, Forms & Guides
Ending Your Tenancy | Landlord Resources
Ending Your Tenancy | Landlord Resources
Energy Efficiency
EPCs and MEES for listed buildings
Landlord Starter Pack
Licensing and Local Government Enforcement
Looking After Your Property | Landlord Resources
Looking After Your Property | Landlord Resources
Managing Your Tenancy | Landlord Resources
Pre-Tenancy | Landlord Resources
Pre-Tenancy | Landlord Resources
What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy?

Resources - Creating your tenancy

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for individual rooms
Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements for the whole property
Contractual & Statutory Periodic Tenancies | Landlord Guide
How To Rent: A Checklist For Renting In England
Preparing and using an inventory
Starting A Tenancy | Landlord Checklist
Starting A Tenancy | Landlord Checklist
Tenants Welcome Letter Template

Resources - Ending your tenancy

Applying For A Bailiff | Ending Your Tenancy
Applying To Court After Serving A Section 21
Applying To Court After Serving A Section 21 (wales)
Applying To Court For A Possession Hearing
Coronavirus - Reactivating Possession Proceedings
Ending A Tenancy Without A Court Order | Surrender Or Abandonment
Ending The Tenancy Early (deed of surrender)
Grounds for Possession (Section 8)
Notice to Quit | Landlord Form
Pre-Action Plan: Managing arrears and avoiding possession claims
Section 21 Notices (Accelerated Possession)
Section 21 Notices (Accelerated Possession) in Wales
Section 8 Notice | Ending Your Tenancy
Section 8 Notices in Wales
When is my tenancy not an assured shorthold tenancy?

Resources - Energy efficiency

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)
Minimum Energy Efficiency (MEES)
Coronavirus - Accessing Financial Support | Landlord Resources
Coronavirus - Changes To Repossessions | Landlord Resources
Coronavirus - Managing Your Property | Landlord Resources
Coronavirus - Minimising Risk To Health | Landlord Resources

Resources - Licensing and local gov

Banning Orders and the Rogue Landlord Database
Civil Penalties
Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS)
Licensing Response Toolkit for Responding to Consultations
Local authority powers for dealing with property conditions
Minimum Amenity Standards for Licensed HMO
Property Inspections in Wales
Rent Repayment Orders
Rent Smart Wales
RSW Licence Conditions

Resources - Looking after your property

Changing Planning Use - Article 4 Directions
Condensation - resources for tenants and landlords
Electrical Safety Inspections | A Guide For Landlords
Fire safety risk assessment form
Fitness for Human Habitation | Landlord Guidance
Landlord Liability For Repairs
Landlord's Gas Safety Responsibilities
Legionella Guidance | Landlord Resources
Tenant's Repair Responsibilities
Enforcing a County Court Judgement (CCJ)

Resources - Managing your tenancy

Accessing The Property During A Tenancy
Accessing The Property Letter Templates
Applying For Direct Payments Of Universal Credit
Fire Safety Overview For The Private Rented Sector
Houses in Multiple Occupation - Licensing and Management
Houses in Multiple Occupation - Licensing and Management
Increasing Rent During A Tenancy Agreement
Making a small claim online (Moneyclaim)
Managing Arrears Effectively | Landlord Resources
Section 48 & Section 3 Notices
When Is A Landlord Liable For Nuisance Claims?

Resources - Pre tenancy

Deposit Protection After The Deregulation Act
GDPR - Data Protection Legislation For Landlords
Guarantor Documents And Guidance
Holding Deposit Form (Wales)
Holding Deposit Form | Landlord Resources
Letting and managing agent redress schemes
Marketing your property
Property Conditions Checklist
Referencing your tenant
Right To Rent Resources For Landlords
Tenancy Application Form | Landlord Resources
Tenant Fee Ban Toolkit England
Tenant Fee Ban Toolkit Wales
Who Is Responsible For Right To Rent Checks?

Resources - Starting a tenancy

Addendum Agreement For Landlords
Agreement For Letting To A Charity
Company Let Agreement For Landlords
Excluded Tenancy Agreement (Lodgers)
High Value Tenancy Agreement | Landlord Resources
Resident Landlord Agreement | Landlord Resources

Resources - Tax

Property Accounts Spreadsheet
Property Tax Dates
Recent tax changes that affect your self assessment
Self-assessment tax guide for landlords
Business Support | Landlord Services
Credit Check For Landlords
Deposit Protection | Landlord Services
Insurance | Landlord Services
Inventories | Landlord Services
Legacy Services
Legal Expenses And Rent Guarantee Insurance | Landlord Services
Mediation Services
Mortgages | Landlord Services
Property Management | Landlord Services
Recognised Suppliers | Landlord Services
Rentguard Insurance | Landlord Services
Tax | Landlord Services
Tenant Checks | Landlord Services
Tenant Referencing | Landlord Services
TradePoint | Landlord Services

Services - Credit Checks

How to Complete a Credit Check
Understanding Your Credit Check
Verify Tenant Details

Services - Deposit protection

DepositGuard | Landlord Services
MyDeposits | Landlord Services
Zero Deposit | Landlord Services
Depositguard Custodial Scheme | Landlord Services
DepositGuard Insured Scheme | Landlord Services

Services - Insurance

Tax Investigation Insurance | Landlord Services
Total Landlord Insurance | Landlord Services
Commercial Property Insurance

Services - Inventories

Inventory Hive | Landlord Services
No Letting Go | Landlord Services
TDS Resolution
Tenancy Mediation

Services - Property management

365 Licensing | Landlord Services
Landlord Vision | Landlord Services

Services - Tax

Less Tax for Landlords | Landlord Services
Rita4Rent | Landlord Services


Classroom Key Courses Training Academy
Continuous Professional Development Training Academy
eLearning Key Courses Training Academy
Finance, Management and Regulation | Classroom Courses Training Academy
Finance, Management And Regulation | eLearning Courses Training Academy
In-House Training Training Academy
Safety, Hazards And Repairs | Classroom Courses
Safety, Hazards And Repairs | eLearning Courses Training Academy
Training Programmes Training Academy
Virtual Workshops For Landlords
Accreditation Scheme Details Training Academy
Accreditation Scheme Terms & Conditions Training Academy
Core CPD Guide
Standard CPD Guide
Accreditation Scheme Overview

Training - Finance management regulation (Classroom)

Agents Update Classroom Course
Capital Gains Tax Classroom Course
Deposits And Inventories | Classroom Courses Training Academy
Gaining Possession Classroom Course
Inheritance Tax Classroom Course
Landlords Update Classroom Course
Property Tax Classroom Course
The Key To Property Investment Classroom Course
Universal Credit Classroom Course

Training - Key courses (Classroom)

Advanced HMO Management Classroom Course
Agents Fundamentals Classroom Course
HMO Fundamentals Classroom Course
HMO Licence Leeds Classroom Course
HMO Licence Sheffield Classroom Course
Landlord Fundamentals Classroom Course
Rent Smart Wales Landlord Licensing Classroom Course
Sheffield Selective Licensing Classroom Course

Training - Safety hazards (Classroom)

Basic Electrical Awareness Classroom Course
Complete Fire Safety For Landlords Classroom Course
Condensation And Dampness Classroom Course
Energy Efficiency Regulations Classroom Course
Energy Rating Improvements Classroom Course
PAT Testing For Landlords Classroom Course
Property Standards & Safety Classroom Course | NLRA
Utilities Safety - Gas, Electrical & Water Classroom Course

Training - Finance management regulation (eLearning)

Landlords Update eLearning Course
Law Of Agency eLearning Course
Managing Rent Arrears eLearning Course
Right To Rent eLearning Course
Section 21 Landlords eLearning Course
Section 8 Landlords eLearning Course

Training - Key courses (eLearning)

Advanced Lettings | Landlord eLearning Course
Agents Fundamentals eLearning Course Training Academy
Becoming A Landlord eLearning Course
Landlords Fundamentals eLearning Course
Rent Smart Wales Agent Licensing eLearning Course
Rent Smart Wales Landlord Licensing eLearning Course

Training - Safety hazards (eLearning)

Property Standards eLearning Course
Agent Programme Training Academy
HMO Landlord Programme Training Academy
Landlord Programme Training Academy