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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has set out guidance for letting professionals that explains what they consider to be expected of landlords and letting agents when marketing the property. In particular they make clear the need to provide prospective tenants and guarantors with clear information that allows them to make an informed decision about letting your property.

This guide lays out these requirements and tells you what you must do to avoid breaching the regulations. If you break the regulations you could be guilty of a criminal offence.

What does the CMA expect lettings professionals to do?

Whenever you or your agent are marketing a property, the CMA expects you provide clear, accurate information to tenants. This should include a true breakdown of any costs so that the tenant can make a fair assessment of your property compared to any others they may be looking at. 

Alongside this expectation around accurate and fair information, you are expected to provide the tenants with sufficient time to make a decision and that they understand whether they are dealing with the landlord or the agent.

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