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The National Residential Landlords Association strives for a society with a private-rented sector that is a safe, secure and viable investment operating in a free-market economy. To this end, the Association works in co-operation with national and local government for a thriving private-rented sector where the legislative framework provides for a fair and equitable balance between the interests of residential landlords and tenants.

The Association is committed to promoting and protecting the interests of private residential landlords and to encouraging the supply of good quality accommodation under sound management. As a not-for-profit company that is limited by guarantee, our members take the role that shareholders do in a company limited by shares. This means that our Articles of Association and member rules set out the way that the membership can interact with and influence the Board of Directors of the Association.

Your use of NRLA services (including this website and our membership services) is subject to the following terms (where relevant) which together with the specific Associate, or Membership, Terms & Conditions, govern your relationship with NRLA. You will be deemed to consent to have agreed to these terms if you access this website further, use, or subscribe to, any of our services.

General Terms

These terms govern the use of our website and apply to Members and non-members alike:

Membership terms & conditions

As a Member, or the associate of a Member, you are asked to agree to specific terms and conditions which govern your membership of our association:

Portfolio terms & conditions

As a Member, if you wish to use the Portfolio service to advertise or manage your properties, then you will be asked to agree and be bound by the following terms and conditions:

You should also be aware of the terms that any prospective tenant or actual tenant has to agree to before they can interact with you using the service:

Other specific terms & conditions

These terms and conditions apply to specific services offered on or from our website and will apply to members and non-members alike if you use or purchase the services: