NRLA Vision, Mission, Values & Strategic Objectives

NRLA Vision

Our vision is for a rental sector that works for all - and one that critically recognises the contribution landlords make to it, and the wider society, in the provision of safe, legal and secure homes.

NRLA Mission

Our mission is to support landlords as the home for landlords by:

  • Being a strong campaigning voice for landlords and the sector.
  • Serving landlords nationwide, helping them deliver a fair and sustainable private rented sector.
  • Providing landlords with the tools and knowledge to successfully manage their homes.

To achieve this, our primary functions will be to:

  • Represent and reflect the views of members’ in the PRS and to campaign and influence Government and policy influencers, including enforcement agencies, to effect policy which treats landlords fairly.
  • Conduct research to inform policy and provide a service to others requiring access to the sector.
  • Provide high quality services for members through innovation and partnerships so that we are not reliant on subscription income.
  • Help deliver sustainability.

Our secondary functions will be to:

  • Develop better value membership/subscription products to fit different market segments.
  • Provide support, information, advice, education and qualification so that landlords can improve their knowledge and deliver a fair and sustainable service, or hold their letting agent to account properly.
  • Lead and guide our members to campaign outcomes that results in the private rented sector working in a fairer way.
  • Position our members as the best of the best, through advice, education, training, accreditation and qualification with effective PR championing their work, and changing perceptions of landlords in the sector.

NRLA Values

Our values are to:

  • Advocate with authority: We give voice to our members, taking robust positions based on empirical evidence and sound judgement. 
  • Lead: Our members give us strength in numbers to direct developments and debate in the housing industry on their behalf.
  • Innovate: We provide great services to make our customers’ lives easier and develop new products to add value.
  • Promote our members and the work they do: Our members are good people and important contributors to the well-being of society – let’s tell their story positively.
  • Respect and be fair to our colleagues: Our success depends on the contribution of all our people. Let’s make the NRLA a great place to work.

The behavioural traits our colleagues are expected to demonstrate are:

COLLABORATIVE – achieve more by working together
HONEST - always do the right thing and treating others fairly.
INNOVATIVE – never be afraid to suggest or try something new
INCLUSIVE – colleagues feel valued, welcome, integrated and included
POSITIVE – a ‘can do’ attitude that encourages others
SUPPORTIVE – of our members and colleagues

NRLA Strategic Objectives

1: Be a leading voice for landlords through effective campaigning and PR

2: Deliver innovative products and services to a growing membership and wider markets

3: Be a great place to work