Member Referral Scheme (Refer a friend)

Terms & conditions

The NRLA Referral Scheme has been created in good faith for the benefit of our customers, and as a 'thank you' for recommending us. As such, we know the majority will use it within the spirit in which it has been designed. Nevertheless, anyone found to be abusing the system will have their account closed and all credits removed immediately. We use sophisticated technology to detect abuse of this scheme and abusers will be detected instantaneously. Use of the scheme is subject to the following:

  • Only one Referral Code allowed per member.
  • Referral Code must be entered by new customer at the time of registration. The NRLA is not liable if the code is not entered at this stage, or, if it is entered incorrectly.
  • New customer must become a full member of the NRLA.
  • The credit for the Referrer will be added 30 days before the renewal date.
  • Referral credit can't be exchanged for money or used for any other discount.
  • Amounts credited per referral are subject to change with no notice period required.
  • Discount offered to a new customer using a Referral Code is subject to change with no required notice period.
  • A maximum of 4 referrals per year are allowed for renewals prior to 01/07/22 and 5 referrals per year allowed for renewals after 01/07/22.
  • These will be used in any one year and these will be applied to reduce the next renewal cost. Credit cannot be rolled-over to successive years.
  • When promoting your unique Referral Code you are at no time allowed to use any material (such as graphics, banners, product descriptions, images and content) belonging to NRLA apart from those specifically available to you in the Referral Scheme section.
  • The NRLA reserves the right to withdraw the Referral Scheme with no required notice.
  • The NRLA reserves the right to void any transaction where a Referral Code has been used.
  • The NRLA decision is final and there is no right of appeal.
  • The person recommended NRLA membership by the existing member must not be an existing NRLA member or a member whose membership is due for renewal.
  • The Referral Code cannot be used with a monthly membership
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.