Inventory Hive

Beautiful paperless property reporting software.

Inventory Hive provides a market leading platform for a variety of property reporting tasks:

  • Create audit-trailed reports with optional 360° photos (eg inventories, check-ins, interim visits & check-outs).
  • Serve audit-trailed documents (eg safety certificates, fire evacuation procedures, welcome information and more).
  • Manage maintenance portfolios (eg tenants flag issues during move-in, or identify team locate them during inspections).
  • Use image recognition AI to scan utility reading photos and auto populate readings.
  • Integrate with other platforms like Fixflo and various CRMs.

Our versatile cloud-based platform allows users to switch between desktop, tablet and mobile Apps. Offline capabilities enable the creation of reports and inspection visits with no network connection whatsoever.

What’s more, our innovative approach and commitment to continuous improvement means we’re not standing still on new features with regular platform updates being rolled-out.

Visit Inventory Hive from the button below to view sample reports, experience the paperless tenant process and claim your free 30 days trial.

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