Tenancy Application Form


Most tenants pay their rent on time and keep the property clean and tidy. However a small minority of tenants persistently pay rent late, or have damaged their previous property. By vetting potential tenants properly, you can ensure you find the suitable tenants you want rather than those with a prior bad history. In order to vet someone properly, prior to granting a tenancy you should collect as much information as possible about the prospective tenant. To help you collect the information you need, the NRLA provides a Tenancy Application Form available to our members.

What information does this form collect and why should I use it?

This document collects the personal information of the tenant, along with their consent to use it.

Such information is very important for a landlord to obtain, especially if any problems should occur during the actual tenancy.

The information enables you to assess the suitability of the potential tenant(s) to see how likely it is that they would be reliable and respectful towards your property during the tenancy. The form requires details of the tenant's employment status, any benefits they may receive, whether they will have children or animals in the property and arguably most importantly, details of their current living situation.

Members only

This tenancy application form is exclusively available to members of the NRLA.

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