Wales - Energy efficiency



The latest phase of the Welsh Government’s Warm Homes – Arbed programme, Arbed 3, runs from 2018-2021. The programme is delivered by Arbed am Byth (a joint venture between Everwarm and the Energy Saving Trust). Arbed 3 is only available in certain areas and eligible households will be contacted by the scheme manager.

The aim of the scheme is to reduce fuel poverty and give householders including landlords advice on how to reduce energy usage and utility bills. Arbed 3 will work in specific geographical areas, and will work with local authorities to identify areas of fuel poverty where the greatest impact can be made. The scheme manager will carry out an assessment on each property and design packages that could consist of one or more measures, such as:

  • Cavity wall insulation; 
  • External wall insulation; 
  • Loft insulation; 
  • Draught proofing. 

Predominantly works will be done to properties that are E,F or G  EPC rated properties and the qualification is based on the property and available uplift of EPC scoring on them and not the tenant circumstances.

For landlords, the opportunity to take up this value of work across a property portfolio could be huge provided they have not had exceeded the state aid threshold of £160k over the last three years.

We will be holding seminars and events in conjunction with Arbed in the near future and look forward discussing the opportunities that exist with you.

Further information is available by visiting or by calling 03300 414 647.