Fire safety overview for the private rented sector

Last updated 30 January 2023 - added link to our fire safety in communal parts guidance and a brief summary of the  Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022


Whether you are renting to a family or renting to sharers you have an obligation to ensure the property is safe from fire. However, knowing what is required to make a property safe is quite a complex area of the law.

There are several important pieces of legislation which can affect your responsibilities and practices in regards to fire safety for your properties. Not all of it applies to every property which can make it difficult to understand exactly what you need to do to ensure you are being responsible about fire safety.

The purpose of this guide is to help you understand what the legislative framework is for fire safety, what you might be required to do to comply with it, and how that translates to ensuring each of your properties is safe for your tenants. It is designed for landlords and agents who own or manage one property rather than a block of flats for example.

What fire safety legislation might apply to my property?

The framework for fire safety ranges across a number of different pieces of legislation. The main ones are -

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