Landlord's gas safety responsibilities

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One of the key responsibilities for landlords renting a property is ensuring their property is safe to live in. Failure to comply with these landlord requirements is a criminal offence so it is essential to ensure the property is gas safe.  

Landlords have a number of responsibilities in this area and this guide is designed to help you understand your responsibilities, the potential penalties for non-compliance, and some practical guidance on performing your duties as a landlord.

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The rest of this guide is exclusive content for people who have registered their details on our website. It provides landlords with guidance regarding:

  • Landlord responsibilities
  • Tenant responsibilities
  • Enforcement authorities for gas safety and the penalties for not complying
  • How Section 21 notices are affected by the gas safety requirements
  • Gas safety guidance for HMO properties
  • How to legally access the property for gas safety inspections, and what to do if you cannot gain access.
  • When, and how to obtain a gas safety certificate
  • What to do if there is a gas safety risk at your property
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