Applying to court for a possession in Wales

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Last updated 8 April 2024 - Court fees increasing in May


Once your notice period has finished, if the contract-holders remain in the property, your next step will be to apply to court for a possession order. 

Depending on the type of notice served, you may apply for a possession order under the accelerated procedure, by filing a request for a hearing using the correct forms, or by applying online using Possession Claim Online.

To help with this, the NRLA has produced some guidance on applying for a possession order.


At the time of writing, not all of the available routes to court are working in Wales. This makes it more difficult to apply to court. Similarly, a number of the prescribed forms have potentially misleading explanatory information included on them.

With that in mind, while we have produced this guidance we would strongly recommend you employ a solicitor or an eviction specialist. Especially if you are seeking possession on a contract that began before 1st December 2022.

Increase in court fees from 1 May 2024

The Government has announced that many court fees are set to increase by 10% from 1 May 2024. 

For possession claims this means that fees will increase to -

  • £391 for making a possession claim (currently £355)
  • £143 for applying for a warrant of possession (currently £130)

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The rest of this page provides information on which court forms to use after you have served notice. The page also has some resources on completing these court forms.

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N5B Form

The new accelerated possession form has now been published and landlords may use this form to apply to court in the above cases. 

The NRLA is working on its own completion notes. However, in the meantime, you can access the completion notes from the Government at this link, along with the form itself.