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Last updated 6th December - updates to contracts

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As of the 1st December 2022, the Renting Home (Wales) Act 2016 applies to all private rented properties in Wales. In particular, changing -

  • property standards;
  • grounds for possession and notice periods;
  • prescribed information for occupants; 
  • how agreements are ended by occupants;

As part of these changes, private landlords in Wales can no longer use tenancy agreements when they let their properties. Instead, they must use Standard Occupation Contracts when starting an agreement. As a result, you as a landlord need to change your agreements and comply with the latest requirements.

Many of the terms within the contracts are required by law and landlords must provide an accurate written statement of the occupation contract (including any required clauses) or face penalties. This means it is essential that you use this new type of contract from 1 December instead of an AST. 

If you already had tenants in place before 1 December, then the contract is a converted contract. You are given until May 31 2023 to issue an updated statement to them. For more information see our guide on converted contracts.

NRLA occupation contract template

While the Welsh Government has produced model occupation contracts for use in Wales, there are a number of elements in the contract that make it unsuitable for use by landlords.

To support landlords, the NRLA has produced its own occupation contract template that is more suitable. Amending or removing clauses that cause particular issue, and combining the fixed term and periodic contracts together into one document.

This finalised fixed term standard contract is now available for landlords to download and use for new agreements in Wales.

Converted contracts

Converted contracts are contracts where the tenants moved in before 1 December 2022. These tenancies changed into occupation contracts on the 1 December. These type of contracts blend the terms of your previous AST and the new terms of occupation contracts together. They also have their own special rules and requirements that must be followed. Guidance on these contracts and resources is available here

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