New Website Frequently Asked Questions


This section provides answers to the common questions we get asked about how the new website works. The NRLA website was created by taking the best of both of the websites offered by the NLA and the RLA and combining these to create something new and, we hope, better for our membership. We appreciate that some things will be in a different place or work differently so we have tried to explain what these are and why we made the change.

Common questions

Why have you changed membership numbers?

Both the RLA and NLA used the same range of membership numbers meaning we had several members with the same membership number so combining the ranges was not possible. We have chosen to make every number 7 digits long by adding some leading '0's and alos adding a '1' in front of NLA members' numbers and a '2' infront of RLA members' numbers.

If you were with the NLA with a membership number of 3671 your new membership number would become 1003671.

If you were with the RLA with a membership number of 225287 the your new membership number would be 2225287. New members who join the NRLA will now have a leading '3' in their membership number.

Why have you changed the menu structure?

Building the new site provided an opportunity to review how our members, guests and visitors used the existing websites and use our findings to present our information and services to you in a more logical way. We also wanted to improve the site performance on mobile phones and tablets, as increasingly more visitors access our site in this way. We hope that you will like the new structure and presentation, if you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you, please use our Contact Us form to do this.

Why have you changed Commercial Partners?

Both the NLA and the RLA offered a range of commercial partners so we have selected the best ones to offer to our combined membership. In some cases we are offering more than one e.g. for property insurance and deposit protection.

Can I still access the old commerical partners' websites?

In some cases, yes, we have provided some useful links in the legacy services section of the website for partners websites that you can currently still access.

Does my accreditation carry over to the NRLA?

Yes it does but we are introducing some expiry time on some accreditation points so you may need to carry out some fresh training before the end of the year to retain your accreditation. Please head over to the Accreditation Dashboard to see the current status of your accreditation or to apply.  

Why have you changed the scheme?

We have combined the best aspects of each of the previous schemes and extended the options for gaining accreditation to include eLearning. We encourage our accredited members to stay current by introducing a requirement to 'earn' a certain number of points per annum. This is because we believe this will help improve standards within the private rental sector and contribute to our mission of helping our members be the best of the best.  

How do I become accredited?

For information on the accreditation scheme, just head over to the Training tab on the main menu and look under Info & Accreditation for an Accreditation Overview. Here you can find out more about the scheme and what you need to do to qualify.

I have membership of both the RLA & NLA, what happens to my membership?

We will merge your memberships by taking the one you first subscribed to and adding onto your term the remaining term from the other membership from April when we merged. For example, if you have currently have 6 months left with the RLA and 8 months (from April 2020) with the NLA, when combined, you will have 14 months with the NRLA before you need to renew again.

Differences from the NLA website

Can I still use my old membership number to login? 

As explained above, we are changing our membership numbers and have recently emailed you with your new membership number. You will be able to use your new membership number to login to the new site. Alternatively you can use the email address registered on your account with your old password. If you forget your password then you can easily reset it and a temporary password will be sent to the email address registered on your account.

Where is the Online Library?

The NLA online library was in need of updating and as much of it was duplicated in our Forms & Guides section, we chose to focus on improving that and deliver the function of the library in a newer and better way - using eLearning training courses.

What is the Member Forum?

This is a new feature to ex-NLA members whereby you can ask a question online and it can be posted for our online community to see and answer. Our forums are also viewed by our Advice Line team and they will moderate or help with answers too. Give it a try and join the community.

Differences from the RLA website

Does the RLAAS website still operate?

You will no longer need to visit a separate site to update your accreditation record. All details of your current accreditation status can now be found on your Accreditation Dashboard on the new site.