Pets in the property: a landlord guide

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It’s unsurprising that many landlords face requests for pets in the property. The RSPCA estimates, that 44% of households in the UK already have one or more pets. A figure that’s likely to have risen during the pandemic as more people work from home and find time for walking dogs.

However, many landlords have understandable concerns about noise, fleas, damage and allergies. With deposits now capped, they can no longer take the additional insurance of a pet deposit to cover any damage or additional cleaning at the end of the tenancy. As a result, many prefer to let properties to people without a pet.

However, a number of landlords are willing to allow pets to live in the property, particularly where the pet owner is responsible, and the pet is well-trained and looked after.

This guide provides you with some information on what to consider before deciding whether to allow pets or not. It includes information on how to check the suitability of pets, whether you have to allow pets, and how best to document the permission.

Do landlords have to allow pets in the property?

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