Complaints about an NRLA Service


If you wish to raise a complaint, we would initially like to speak to you regarding the matter so that we can try and resolve any issue you may be having.

If we are not able to satisfy your complaint and you want to raise something more formally with us about the service we have provided to you, either directly or via one of our partners, you can make a complaint by downloading and completing the form below.

This will need to be escalated to one of the management team to investigate. At this stage we would appreciate it if you could specify the exact nature of the complaint and what outcome you would like to achieve. We ask that you the appropriate form linked below and ensure that you include copies of all supporting paperwork relating to your complaint (non-returnable).

This information can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] or posted to: NRLA, Suite 323, Tootal Buildings, Broadhurst House, 56 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6EU.

Once I have complained:

Stage 1:

  • Send an initial written acknowledgement within one working day.
  • We will investigate the matter fully, obtaining all the facts and timeline of events.
  • Send a comprehensive and detailed reply within five working days. This will include all our findings. At this point you will be able to decide whether you are happy with our suggestions in terms of a resolution.
  • Make you aware if an extension is required to complete the investigation with a maximum extension of 30 working days to investigate the complaint from the date of initial written acknowledgement.
  • Any complaints we received are confidential and we will deal with them in a fair and unbiased way. Once we have responded if we do not hear from you within 6 weeks, we will assume that the matter has been resolved and the complaint file will be closed.

Stage 2:

If after receiving our reply you are still not happy, please contact us and we will endeavour to investigate further. The matter will be forwarded to a more senior member of the department for consideration.

We will send a written acknowledgement to any additional concerns within one working day.

You will receive a “full and final response” to any additional concerns within ten working days of the additional concerns being raised but this may be extended to a maximum of 30 working days if required.

NRLA Services Complaint Form

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