Write to your Senedd election candidates

Writing directly to your candidates as a constituent is a powerful and effective lobbying tool ahead of the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) election on 6 May 2021.

Your MS has an obligation to read what you send them and reply to all reasonable requests, so letting them know what you think can be worthwhile. Whether this be about a local issue or the Welsh Government's position on a national issue, it pays to make your voice heard.

We have made it easier for you to do this by suggesting some of the points relevant to this campaign that you might want to put forward. You can edit what you choose to send however and don't need to put forward what we suggest.

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Why should I write to my candidates in this election?

Housing is devolved to the Senedd (Welsh Parliament) and so control vast areas of policy that effects the private rented sector. For example, there have been four Acts passed in the last seven years that aim to regulate to the sector.

While we make the case for landlords at the national and ministerial level, you can help build support for landlords by writing to your candidates who can make the case on your behalf to the Welsh Government themselves. This template letter will help you support our calls on the Welsh Government for the next five years.

As one of their constituents, an MS is more likely to read and take note of anything you send than any national information sent by the NRLA. Your MS has a duty to represent you as their constituent, and a letter from your MS will have more weight than individuals writing to the Minister directly.

Ultimately, you should be writing to your MP about things that concern you as a constituent and a landlord. 

How can I contact my candidates?

The easiest way to contact your candidates is via our tool for writing to your candidates above.

However, if you would like to write your own personal letter, or you wish to contact your Members of the Senedd (MS) about something else, then you can find your MSs' contact details via the MS directory on the Senedd website.

Some MSs prefer to be contacted via letter. All letters should be sent to Senedd Cymru, Cardiff, CF99 1SN.

You can also ask to speak to your MS at their regular constituency surgery.

Tips for writing content for your candidates

Research your MS - By checking www.theyworkforyou.com/ you can find out if your MS shares your concerns. If they do, don't forget to thank the MS for previous work they have done in the area. MSs are rarely thanked by their constituents and a thank you goes a long way.

Be personal - By linking your concerns to real examples you will engage the reader and help them to sympathise with your concerns.

Focus on the local - Your MS is more likely to support landlord concerns if they understand how it impacts on their constituents. For example, if your local authority charges additional council tax on empty properties you may not be able to afford to allow your tenants to surrender their tenancy early.

Relate your concerns to your tenants - The more constituents that are helped by supporting landlords, the greater the chance the MP will be convinced of your argument.

Be succinct - Try to limit yourself to no more than two pages of A4. MSs receive numerous letters every week. By keeping it short you will stand out from the rest, increasing the chance they will process all the information you give them.

Provide solutions - A letter to your MS is not just a chance to educate them about an issue, it's a chance to propose solutions as well. If you have a sensible plan of action, laid out in a clear way, they are more likely to support it.

Ask them to write to the Minister - if your MS writes to the Minister for Housing & Local Government on your behalf they are obligated to provide a response. This increases the chance that your solution will be adopted.