'How to rent: a checklist for renting in England' Archive

Last update 2 October 2023 - how to rent latest version


Since October 1st, 2015, landlords in England have been required to provide the latest version of 'How to rent: a checklist for renting in England' to their tenants when the first tenancy starts.

In addition to this, landlords are also required to provide a new copy at the outset of any subsequent tenancy, including statutory periodic tenancies, but only if there has been an update to the booklet.

The document is regularly updated and the gov.uk website does not keep older versions of the booklet on their site. As a result, if a landlord does not provide the copy at the outset of the tenancy they may miss the chance to serve the valid renting checklist.

To ensure our members can rectify this, we have compiled an archive of all the versions of the renting checklist for landlords.

What is the ‘How to rent: a checklist for renting in England’?

This renting checklist is for tenants who rent either directly from a landlord or through a letting agency, it does not apply to lodgers.

The ‘How to rent: A checklist for renting in England’ covers:

  • Assured shorthold tenancies
  • Before you start
  • Looking for your new home
  • When you’ve found a place
  • Living in your rented home
  • At the end of the fixed period
  • If things go wrong
  • Further sources of information

How to use this archive

Compare the publication dates of the documents below. Once you have found the document that corresponds with the date on which your tenancy started, download that version and provide it to your tenants.

Members only

The rest of this page is available exclusively to members of the NRLA.

It includes a full archive of all the previous How to Rent archives as well as information on seeking possession and whether you can email the document to the tenant.

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