Glixtone Fungi-Shield Paint

Glixtone Fungi-Shield is a washable, highly decorative paint for any internal areas that are susceptible to mould and blackspot, giving long lasting protection. The Glixtone Fungi-Shield products can be bought nationwide by Selco Builders Warehouse.

GLIXTONE FUNGI-SHIELD is manufactured in Redditch Worcestershire by Carr’s Coatings Ltd., Trading as Trimite Global Coatings.

We have been supplying Glixtone. Fungi-Shield to Councils, Housing Associations and private Landlords for over 20 Years.

GLIXTONE FUNGI-SHIELD will not stop condensation or damp but when applied it is impossible for mould spores to survive on its surface as the active biocide is distributed evenly over the whole paint film and will keep killing the spores on contact. This is a long lasting solution to what can be a never ending battle.

Known as ‘the paint that actually works’; our paints are used by many landlords, forming part of their refurbishing protocol to reduce the risk of solving mould and blackspot problem areas.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Suitable for ANY internal walls & ceilings
  • Fully Washable after 5 days
  • Easy to apply (roller or brush)
  • Environmentally friendly – Water Based
  • 20 Years and NEVER a FAILURE

GLIXTONE FUNGI-SHIELD is available in WHITE or MAGNOLIA as standard in a MATT finish