Tenant belongings at the end of the tenancy

Last reviewed 19 April 2024


When tenants move out of a property they will typically take all their belongings with them and landlords don't have to do anything. Unfortunately, when tenants leave goods in the property instead of taking them, this can present problems for the landlord.

This is because, while the goods still belong to the tenant, the landlord becomes responsible for ensuring the goods remain safe. If they dispose of the goods or sell them then the tenant may seek damages under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977 unless the landlord has taken reasonable steps to keep the goods safe for a reasonable period of time.

As a result, landlords need to make sure they are taking the correct steps when storing these goods and only disposing of them after a reasonable time and making reasonable attempts to trace the tenant.

This guide covers the procedure the NRLA recommends when tenants leave their goods behind at the end of the tenancy.

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