EPCs and MEES for listed buildings


The question of whether a Listed Building needed an energy performance certificate (EPC) has vexed landlords for a number of years. While DCLG (now MHCLG) has updated their guidance on this, the answer does not automatically exempt all listed buildings from the requirement to have an EPC.

Whether an EPC is required is more important than ever because of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards. If you are required to have an EPC, then as of 1 April 2018 it is no longer possible to let out a property with an F or G rating without spending £3500 on efficiency improvements. Given the age and character of listed buildings, these properties will find it difficult to comply with these requirements even if they do spend £3500.

This guidance is intended to help you understand when you will be exempt from the requirement to have an EPC and how to go about improving the property if you are not exempt.  

When is a listed building exempt from the requirement to have an EPC?

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