Property Accounts Spreadsheet

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Take control of your finances throughout the 2021-22 tax year.

Do you struggle to accurately record all the costs of your property portfolio?

Looking for an easy way to see whether you're in profit or not?

Fed up of staring at a drawer full of receipts?!

Take Control!

With the RITA Property Accounts spreadsheet you can now keep thorough and complete records of your property whether for business purposes or just your own personal portfolio. In addition, it is good practice to separate records between properties, especially if you let more than one.

Although the spreadsheet enables you to keep complete records, it has been designed so that simplicity is the key.

The spreadsheet is organised so you can instantly compare and contrast similar costs for up to 10 properties on the same page, while also allowing you to delve into the specific cost types to each of your properties.

Keeping accurate records will benefit you in many ways, such as:

  • Having a greater understanding of your income, costings and profits.
  • Being ready for any HMRC enquiries into your records.
  • Reducing accountancy and tax advisory fees.
  • Easily identifying deductions available when calculating your capital gains tax.

The 2020-21 RITA Property Accounts spreadsheet is useful if you are an inexperienced landlord, serving as a tool to monitor different costs involved in letting your property and what financial responsibilities you have.

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