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Are you looking to purchase your next buy-to-let property through a limited company (SPV)? GetGround takes care of the business of buy-to-let: company creation, management and expertise, all in one place.

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Almost half of UK buy-to-let property purchases are now made through a limited company.

  • Rental yield: Using a GetGround limited company designed for the specific purpose of buying your next buy-to-let property can help increase your profits. This is due to a more efficient deduction of expenses and a lower rate of corporation tax rather than income tax.7
  • Inheritance tax: GetGround makes planning for your family’s future that bit easier. A limited company structure can help you to mitigate against the high costs associated with inheritance and estate planning when looking to pass property on to your children.
  • SDLT benefits: If you choose to sell your buy-to-let property by way of company shares both you and the buyer can benefit significantly. With your buyer exempt from paying SDLT, you can increase your purchase price to maximise returns – this can be facilitated quickly and easily by GetGround for you.
  • Capital gains: When it comes to selling your buy-to-let property, by using a limited company you can do so by way of company shares. This substantially lowers your capital gains tax (CGT) liability.
  • Limited liability: A company structure can be a safer option for investors as any risk associated with buying and holding the property does not affect you personally. This is due to the company (rather than the individual) becoming liable.
  • Portfolio flexibility: Offering flexibility to our customers at GetGround is key. Through a limited company structure, you can manage and dispose of your property portfolio over time.
  • Ease of shared ownership: A company structure allows the ownership of a property to be split between shareholders. GetGround simplifies that process, making shareholder and director changes quick and easy to make.
  • Access to a mortgage: Mortgages on buy-to-let properties is commonplace, with over 50% of company buy-to-let investors using them. At GetGround, we partner with the best lenders in the market to provide our customers with the most competitive rates.
  • Mortgage deductibility: Get ahead with GetGround. Expenses that relate exclusively to your property can be deducted from your tax bill, for example, your mortgage interest. This is no longer available to buy-to-let investors who don’t use a company structure.

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