Since April 2007, all landlords who take a deposit from their tenant on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) in England and Wales* must comply with the tenancy deposit protection legislation.

This means you must:

  1. Protect the tenant's deposit with a government approved scheme within 30 calendar days of receiving it from the tenant
  2. Provide the tenant with the prescribed information within the same 30-day deadline

Choose the scheme to suit you

mydeposits provides landlords with a choice of deposit protection options:

mydeposits insurance

  • You hold the tenant’s deposit in your account during the tenancy
  • NRLA members receive 30% off the deposit protection fee

mydeposits custodial

  • mydeposits holds the tenant’s deposit for the duration of the tenancy
  • Free to join and use

Why choose mydeposits?

  • You have complete control on how you choose to protect the deposit for the duration of the tenancy with our insurance and custodial schemes
  • Protect your deposit in under 5 minutes and manage deposit protections online using your dedicated member area
  • Outstanding service for all, providing an in-house team of expert advisers with service standards measured by government performance targets 

30% discount for NRLA members

NRLA members get a 30% discount on the deposit protection fee when you protect a deposit online with mydeposits insurance in England and Wales. To claim your discount, you will need to verify your NRLA membership with mydeposits when you pay your deposit protection fee on check out.

The 30% discount is linked to your NRLA membership number. You can only claim the discounted rate on one mydeposits account, per NRLA member number.

Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to mydeposits?

If you are using mydeposits for the first time you will need to register with mydeposits first to create a new mydeposits account. If you are returning, you will need to log in with mydeposits to access your existing mydeposits account.

New user? Register here.

Returning to your mydeposits account? Login here.

What is my security code? 

Your security code is your NRLA password.

I am a member but mydeposits’ website won’t let me claim the 30% discount.

If you are unable to claim the 30% discount it may be for one of these reasons:

1. You may have entered your NRLA member number or security code incorrectly when verifying your NRLA membership on the mydeposits website

2. Your NRLA membership may have lapsed

3. Your NRLA member number may be linked to a different mydeposits account

If you only have one mydeposits account, you can usually resolve the issues by:

If you have several accounts with mydeposits, you may have claimed the discount before on another mydeposits account:

  • The 30% discount is linked to your NRLA membership number. You can only claim the discounted rate on one mydeposits account, per NRLA member number
  • If you have a query about your mydeposits account, please contact mydeposits

Why are mydeposits saying that my security code is incorrect over the phone?

The NRLA member discounted rate is only available online. If you wish to claim your 30% discount please protect your deposits online.

I have several accounts with mydeposits, can I claim the discount on all of my accounts?

The 30% discount is linked to your NRLA membership number. You can only claim the discounted rate on one mydeposits account, per NRLA member number.

Really good system, very easy to use. In the past the team have been very helpful and accommodating when I made an error and they willingly helped me out. Would highly recommend.

Paul, Landlord

I have used mydeposits for years and it is simple, reasonably priced and easy to use. The new information they send has also been helpful. I have a number of properties and will continue using it.

Richard, Landlord

I have used this company for many years now to protect the deposits I take on my rental properties. The service is very easy to use, I like the diary reminder one month before expiry. The certificate is very user friendly for the tenants with all the information in a simple format for both landlord and tenant. Fully recommend.

Natalie, Landlord

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