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As part of your responsibilities as a landlord, you or your agent will be expected to access the property on a regular basis to inspect for any necessary repairs that you are responsible. 

In addition to this you have a legal obligation to have the property checked on a regular basis by various tradespeople so you can have the electrical wiring and gas installations checked.

While you are entitled to access the property you are required to provide notice to the tenant when you are visiting in most cases. To help you with this the NRLA has produced a number of sample letters you can use to inform the tenant you require access.

In addition to this we have prepared a number of additional sample letters in the rare event that the tenant is refusing access unreasonably or is not keeping the property to the expected standard.

Accessing The Property During A Tenancy

Last Updated: 24/11/2023

Full guidance on when you can access the property.

Accessing the Property Letter Templates

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Periodic inspection letter template

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To fulfill your repairing obligations you will need to periodically assess the property's condition for any necessary repairs. This letter should be used to arrange this inspection.

Notice of upcoming gas safety inspection

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You are responsible for having an annual gas safety inspection if you are renting out a property. The letter informs the tenant of the time and date of this inspection.

Letter template where the tenant refuses access

Follow up letter refused access for inspection

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Follow up letter after access refused for gas safety

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These letters should be used in the event that the tenant has refused access for the particular inspection and they have stopped engaging with your attempt to rearrange the inspection.

Poor property condition template

Regrettably, sometimes your tenant will not maintain the condition of the property in line with the obligations of your tenancy agreement. If this ia apparent during the course of an inspection you can use the letter below to let them know what is expected of them.

Poor property condition letter

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