Winter letter to tenants

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As winter approaches and temperatures drop, the likelihood of a boiler breaking down or pipes bursting becomes both more common and more of a health hazard to your tenants.

A problem with the boiler or a burst pipe can cause significant damage to the property so it is important that landlords are aware of any issues and address them promptly.

However, tenants are also expected to take steps to prevent this sort of damage from occurring. It is common practice for landlords to write to their tenants advising them on best practices so they know what steps they should be taking, particularly for groups like students who may have no experience with boiler maintenance.

Winter letter template for tenants

The NRLA has produced a sample letter to send to your tenants as temperatures begin to drop. This letter includes guidance for tenants on how to reduce risks caused by common cold weather issues in the home and what to do if a problem has occurred.

It also contains some information relating to working in people's homes during the coronavirus pandemic should it be necessary for you or your contractors to visit the property.

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The rest of this guide contains information on mitigating risks in winter including a download template letter for tenants.

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