Track the Renters (Reform) Bill

The Renters (Reform) Bill represents a significant shake-up of the laws governing the private rented sector in England, setting out the Government’s plans to fundamentally reform Housing Act 1988 tenancies and ‘level up’ housing quality.

What is a legislative bill?

A legislative Bill is the Government’s proposal for a new law or changes to an existing law that is introduced to Parliament for consideration.

Expected Timings

It is difficult to predict exactly how long it will take the Renters (Reform) Bill to progress through Parliament – availability of Parliamentary time and contentiousness of the Bill are the main factors affecting progression.

However, we have produced a summary of the completed legislative stages, along with the expected timings for upcoming stages and key milestones below.

What should I expect when it becomes law?

The Government has confirmed that it will provide at least six months’ notice of the first implementation date, after which all new tenancies will be periodic and governed by the new rules. Existing tenancies will be given a further twelve months’ notice from the first implementation date to convert to the new system.

So, even once Royal Assent is granted, it is likely to be at least eighteen months before ongoing tenancies are required to move onto the new regime.

Interested in learning more about the bill?

Download our latest factfinder.This comprehensive document provides an overview of the Bill and outlines the NRLA's recommendations on specific issues.

Hear about the vital amendments needed. Discover more on the crucial amendments the NRLA is calling for MPs to accept. 

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Support Our Campaign – Get Involved!

The NRLA is engaging with the Government and parliamentarians as the Bill progresses to ensure that our concerns are addressed. You can add your voice to our campaign by contacting your local MP.

We have created a number of template letters that you can use to make this process simpler. You can write to your MP using our online tool. Once you are logged into your membership account, the tool will automatically find your MP and ensure your letter follows parliamentary protocol.