The Landlord Conference 2023 - RentGuarantor

Stand Number 17

Your contact at the conference is:

Richard Dawson


You can contact Richard using the details below:

Address: Ezylet Ltd, 57/63 Line Wall Road, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Email: [email protected]

Number: 07986168720

Find out more about RentGuarantor here:

How we work with Landlords?

Your tenants may not have family members or friends to act as a guarantor or they might not have anyone living in the UK to support them. RentGuarantor will serve as their guarantor whether the tenant is employed, a student (including overseas), or receiving benefits.

We will work with your tenants to become their guarantor, ultimately providing a low-risk solution for you.

Throughout our partnership, we will provide you with training, support and marketing to increase sales of our product range. In the event, we make any sales to your tenants we will provide a commission stream to you.