Protecting Deposits & Gardening Disputes

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Sandy joined TDS in 2008 and is now Head of TDS Adjudication Services. A qualified solicitor with many years' experience practising and specialising in Real Estate and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Sandy is responsible for delivery of adjudications across all schemes at TDS, to include quality assurance activity to ensure the high standards expected from TDS Adjudication decisions are met; recruiting and training TDS Adjudicators, and providing continued support and mentoring. Sandy is responsible for complaint handling for TDS England and Wales and is involved with final decisions issued following reviews for SafeDeposits Scotland and TDS Northern Ireland. Sandy leads on TDS Academy which delivers the TDS Foundation Course and TDS Adjudication Workshops and provides Adjudication training - the TDS Way. Sandy also plays a role in ensuring TDS provides an excellent Customer Service experience.

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Presented by Sandy Bastin, Head of Adjudication Services at TDS, you can find out more about protecting your deposits and common causes of gardening disputes. We’ll take a look at case studies in order to better understand garden dispute trends, and offer practical guidance on tenancy deposit dispute issues in England and Wales. Register now to secure your place.


CPD Points Awarded2 standard
Wednesday 20th April 2022
(13:00 - 14:00)