NRLA Webinar | Adapting properties - the next big opportunity in the PRS?

There is a growing demand for adapted properties. With an ageing population, and an increased share of total housing stock, private landlords need to be ready to cater for a wider range of needs than they traditionally have.

In this webinar, learn about adapting properties, how it can be funded, and the benefits of catering for older and disabled tenants who often are seeking long term homes. NRLA Campaigns Officer Alexandra Williams will host the panel and will be joined by Dave Eldridge from Foundations, Occupational Therapist Dr Rachel Russell and NRLA Rep Marion Money.

The NRLA launched the adaptations campaign in March to raise awareness about how to adapting properties. This included the release of our guidance for landlords that can support landlords in better managing tenant requests for home adaptations.

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