Meet your regional representative

Liz Mackenzie - South East England

Liz has been a landlord in London and the South East for over 20 years. She cannot resist a renovation project and, when not working, much of her time is spent in an ongoing battle with the weeds in her garden. 

Liz has always had an interest in public policy and believes private landlords play a vital role in providing choice and flexibility for people who need to rent a home. As a Representative for the NRLA, she is able to help landlords keep up to date with legislation and policy, and to network with other landlords. By renting out well-managed and legally compliant properties, landlords can mitigate the risks to their own business and do what is needed to keep their tenants safe and in the property for longer. Liz believes the NRLA is also a bit like an insurance policy; it is there to help when things go wrong so landlords can get advice to help them take the correct action, and sort out any problems as soon as possible. 

She primarily covers: Hampshire

Email: [email protected]