Meet your regional representative

Ruth Rowntree - North West Region

PRS legislation changes so rapidly and the area is so vast, Ruth felt she needed a place which gave her accurate and concise detail. The NLA website, bulletins and magazine gave her that and enabled her to do her job as a landlord better.

Having enjoyed being a member she decided to contribute more by becoming an NLA Representative in April 2012. Since taking up the post, Ruth has contributed to growing membership in the North West by running meetings in locations including Blackpool, Carlisle and Lancaster.  

Ruth mainly rents to working professionals with a range of houses and flats based in North Scotland, Preston and London. She is positive about the private rented sector and feels it offers real opportunities, especially for working mothers like herself. She feels it offers a unique level of flexible working, which enables her to be a parent and manage her portfolio.  

Email: [email protected]