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Hi There,

During the lockdown my tenants had a problem with the built in washing machine, once restrictions began to lift I got an engineer to visit. He was unable to get the washing machine out due to the cupboard having blown.

This was a brand new property built in 2016 however a couple of years ago there was a mains water inlet leak so I assumed that the bottom of the cupboard, that was not visible was the issue, this fixed and the washing machine sorted, I did not visit the property myself.

Subsequently I have carried out a periodic inspection, prior to the inspection I asked if there were any other problems to which I was told by my tenants "a couple of minor things that we can discuss when you are here".

On visiting the property, the tenants said there was an leak under the kitchen sink and they had placed a bowl in the cupboard to catch water........ they said they had not noticed it for some time as they do not go into this cupboard often.

On opening the cupboard door it was clear it was quite wet inside and both side panels and the bottom of the cupboard were saturated, stained brown and had completely blown, hinges barely hanging on.

The back of the cupboard was covered in mould along with the combi-mate so it was immediately clear that this was an ongoing leak which had caused considerable damage!

I immediately had the leak fixed but am now organising to have a replacement kitchen unit and new combi-mate fitted as it really is not acceptable in the current state. This is not a straight forward job due to the plumbing through the back of the cupboard.

My tenants have since given notice and are moving out.

My question: Would it be reasonable for me to recover some of the cost from their deposit for replacing the kitchen unit as the leak was not reported and only came to light during my inspection? My argument is that if it was reported I would have been able to have fixed and avoid the substantial damage.

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