Boyfriend is smashing up property, girlfriend waqnts him out

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Quick Advice, NRLA helpline doesn’t work on a Sunday.

• Girlfriend and boyfriend took out tenancy at one of my flats last January. All fine until last Wednesday. Boyfriend has argument with girlfriend and walks out says he wants nothing more to do with her.

• Saturday, after a few threats to her, locks flat (while she’s at work) and puts keys through letter box and walks away. Later on he says he wants his stuff back from flat.

• Girlfriend lets him back in this morning, he instantly jumps into bed (no idea why??) and refuses to leave. Girlfriend is upset and argues with him. He then starts to smash up the flat. The flat is unfurnished so the contents belong to her, not me. But I supplied brand new over, hob, washer, fridge/freezer – not sure if he’s damaged any of this – but as he’s annoyed with her I suspect it’s her stuff he’s smashing. No idea if he’s damaged walls, doors etc…

• Girlfriends mother has already involved the police, oddly she was given a crime number before a crime was even committed.

• Girlfriend wants him off the tenancy agreement, girlfriends mother is the guarantor.

• Am I correct in thinking the following:

  1. I (and the girlfriend/girlfriends mother) can’t just have him removed from the tenancy? Only either the boyfriend or a court can do that.
  2. I can’t enter the property without both tenants permission, even if one of the tenants is smashing up the place, even to protect the property?
  3. Can I phone the police and get them involved?
  4. If I go around can I physically remove him and his stuff from the flat – not end the tenancy, just remove him to prevent further escalation?

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