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Jen & wayne
Jen & wayne
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Good afternoon everyone,

We have been a RLA member for a few years and Looking for some advice. I've gone and done what everyone says you don't do and let a house out to my niece and her partner. I know. don't ever let to family. She has rented from me before and I have saved all the money from that tenancy and will give it back to her as a deposit on a house when she can afford one. we have now let out another house to her at a reduced rent so she can save some more money towards the deposit for her own house, She had been trying to find a rental for months before asking me if I could help out again, she knew I had a couple coming up and she was desperate as she had been sofa surfing for months. At the end of the day, it's family and if she does not pay any rent I wouldn't care. But I do trust her. I don't know her new partner, so want to get things done legally this time, last time we had no paperwork. After reading the New NRLA AST it mentions that I have to give a UK address for myself or my letting agent? This may have opened up a can of worms for us as we live overseas, but are originally from England and have a few houses in England. We normally use a letting agent to find tenants and then manage them ourselves as we know local tradesmen.

I use my sisters address as a c/o address, but looking at the NRLA AST this is not legally allowed?

Do I need to put everything through a letting agents managed service? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

She moved in about a month ago but I've not yet asked her to sign an AST and she has been living there rent free for the last month as i found out the the EPC had expired just before she moved in and I was unable to give them an AST.

The EPC has now been redone and I was about to give her an old copy of the RLA AST. I assume that as I do not have a UK address (other than a c/0 address) if anything goes wrong it would be impossible to get her partner out?

Many thanks for any advice on what I can do to help us with this and the other houses. Luckily up to now, I have never had to evict a tenant. I know 1 day it will probably happen.

Kind regards


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