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Hi all

I just wanted to run my thinking by you all and mull things over if I may. 2 BTL's at the moment, one in my name solely one 50/50 with my wife, no SPV, so very tax inefficient and getting worse thanks to section 24. That said I wont go into the red even by 2020 as my property is around Liverpool so high yield low value property compared to other parts of the UK.

I'd planned to aim for 10 properties but halted in 2016 to see what would happen. 2 years later I'm still wondering what best to do.

I am a 40% tax payer and my wife earns £10500 as a part time admin assistant. We have the funds for two more BTL's or some other form of investment.

I was considering getting an SPV to buy two more, but then as my wife is likely to earn the same, I wasn't sure if her buying two more would be best.

Lastly I work for a successful company that let us buy and sell shares at a discounted rate every 6 months. The cost you pay per share is the lowest price they have been at either the start or end of the period plus a further 15% discount. I can invest 17% of my salary in this so could also put 17% of my salary in my account say, so that I don't feel a drop in salary, and enter into a constant rotation of buying and selling shares.

The more I read online, the more confused I feel about the best way forwards. I dont believe there are any changes yet to SPVs but that's a worry.

What are you fine people planning? I'm not rich, I'm just a poor guy trying to change that over time.

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