national pre-eviction protocols for government funded authorities may affect the PRS
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Not sure where to post this ppl so you decide.
The gov's strategy for reducing homelessness & destitution is now distributed to the working partners who deal with such in big, or small way. Each organisation in each Authority must submit their own strategy to deal with the above[ Action 2.1] As I'm working in partnership [tongue just taken out of cheek] with one LA, i'm made aware of these heart-felt requests,or veiled threats to comply pdq.

Good idea to promote joined up thinking between LEA's, health authorities, homeless charities,Benefit Agencies, LA housing teams & other satellite organisations. I read through the wish -list with mounting dismay because from a LL's POV, the non -payment of rent inevitably leads to eviction, failed B & B placements & homelessness.

No mention of that 'cause & obvious effect', no mention of early intervention to nip that in the bud. No mention of misappropriation of HB/UC, diverted away from the landlord, so the effect is a build up of car-crash arrears.

Would it be appropriate for the RLA to contribute to Salford Councils blue-print for their contribution to this gov strategy?
This is another important matter that members are not aware of. PRS make a vital contribution to providing decent homes. Its PRS LL's who issue eviction proceedings that may lead to homelessness. Seems very short-sighted then to not insure the LL gets rent in spite of the tnts failure to pay pcm rent.
This is THE cheapest option. Cuts out expensive red tape, office monkeys, cuts out paying for substandard B&B rooms & tired sweaty hostels. The LA could decide TO pay for the tnts to stay in their home [if arrears is the only issue] instead of the LA paying for them to live in state-sponsored hovels.
Too easy a solution, too many jobs lost because the middle-men are being cut out?
More cost-effective, better use of public funds.

I was interested to read that 'schools[ LEA's]' would be invited to submit their contribution towards reducing homelessness. They have a hard enough job influencing parents to send their children to school regularly, fed & in in a lice -free condition, not falling asleep at 11am because of watching ipods/iplayers, till the early hours. Schools wait hours to get hold of a SW for safeguarding matters. Phoning a SW to report a family discovered to be at risk of eviction...forget it. Some tnts spin that lie now to excuse continuous lateness/truancy. Each organisation has NO or limited influence with the potential users of the B& B hovels. These have an economic choice to pay rent, or lose their home. The welfare state could intervene MUCH earlier to cover their rent, cheapest ALL round. Save trillions.

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