Tenant Requesting new contract after rent increase?
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Hi, after one year I increased the rent by £12 in March on a tenancy that had lapsed into statutory periodic. I thought I had covered this in the Tenancy Agreement with a Custom Clause as below. I emailed the tenant to notify them of the increase including a reminder 'In accordance with the Terms of our Rental Agreement'...

Just received an email from the Tenant asking for a new Tenancy Agreement backdated because 'it's the law'. I said I'd look into it.

What are you thoughts please?

Thank you. goodmanco

Custom Clause 2. We may increase the rent by serving a rent review notice on you. The rent may not increase by more than a maximum of the Consumer Price Index +1% through any single rent review. Any rent review notice we serve on you must be in writing. It must provide you with at least one calendar month in notice prior to the date of the rent increase taking effect. The notice must state the percentage by which the rent will increase, the new rental amount and the date on which the new rent is payable from. It may be served no earlier than 90 days before the rent increase will take effect. The initial rent increase may take effect no earlier than the first anniversary of the start of the tenancy. Until a rent increase takes effect we retain the right to increase the rent at the start of any subsequent rental period by serving a rent review notice. Once a rent increase has occurred,
subsequent rent increases may take effect no earlier than the anniversary of the date the last rent increase took effect.

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